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  1. P

    black label forks

    Hi guys, I have purchased a set of GPX Black Label Front forks 660mm. I want to fit them to my bike. It's an older crf50 copy frame (I believe). from my research it looks like the head stem bearings will not fit my frame, I haven't stripped my bike yet to measure O.D's of mine but sounds like...
  2. P

    high comp piston yx140

    Hi I have a question regarding the fitment of a high compression piston to an otherwise stock yx140 engine +( oko26 s38 m96 ) (outer rotor kit ooracing) This piston I bought from DHZ ( 56mm 13mm pin). can I fit the piston with no worries or is there anything else I should do? thanks in...
  3. R

    Atomik fuse 125cc plastics

    Hi I've been struggling to find out what plastics/ fenders to buy for my girl friends atomik fuse. She's after pink ones and I can't figure out what style plastics will fit her bike.. Can some one please help me out :) some info would be much appreciated .thanx guys
  4. JamoHado574

    Wanted Top Fork Plate

    I'm in need of a Top Fork Plate to suit a 2009 crf70 with standard forks, if anyone has something that will fit let me know. I will be using bmx bars on it. Thanks.....J-Bomb.....
  5. U

    honda qr 50/ cfr50 forks

    Does anyone know if stock crf50 forks would fit a honda qr 50
  6. M

    Chinese pit bike identification help.

    It's a 125 and it was given to me. Don't know if it's a pitster pro. He said that's what it was. I want to swap it and build it with a gpx 125. Do all parts fit from a crf50? I need new fork seals and little things here and there. I can't find nothing saying what it is.
  7. H

    wondering what plastics would fit my pit bike

    i bought it coz its a 150cc zongshen engine and its an upgrade from my 125cc. i bought the 150 without any plastics or a seat and was just wondering if anyone has any idea what plastics and seat would fit it
  8. F

    gear shifter 110 dhz

    Is there any after market gear shifters out there that fit on a dhz 110 semi auto the standard one is just crapy.. I tryd one but the dont fit under the engine casing
  9. Rizzo97

    Will a 14" rear tire fit on a pitpro 125rr?

    I have a 17" front wheel and a 12" on the back of my pitpro 125rr,it came with 14"-12" and shorter forks so I had to get longer forks for the 17" to fit. Anyway, would a 14" fit on the back or will I need a longer swingarm ?
  10. J3NNINGS_024

    Suggestions to fit my exhaust

    hi all, I just need a few suggestion on how to make a perimeter frame zorst fit a z160. would i need to cut and weld it to fit, a NCC pipe adaptor, break out the LPG bottle or oxy/acet to heat and bend? any help would be sik as im planning on going for a ride with a few mates on the weekend...