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  1. S

    do anybody who live in ILLINOIS near by chicago

    i was wonder if anybody who live in IL that do ride the fiddy for fun anywhere near by bolingbrook, joliet, naperville, st.charles, elgin, dekalb, etc etc please hit up here so i can know who people does live near around there and make a plans to meet up for ride fun, stunt, etc thank you...
  2. Hillz

    any one else skate?

    so i have been dabbling in other things lately & i have found skating to be really fun
  3. zwebx

    big bike fever... husaberg 501 hill dlimbs and fun

    i want one i want one i want one. or maybe a 300 2t.
  4. Blender

    Suzuki RMX250 98 ?

    Just wondering what people's opinions on the RMX's are, specifically the 98 model, as I am thinking of getting one, they are cheap enough, and a 2T would be fun on the road ;)
  5. Blender

    Hitting the jumps on a mates kx :D

    hey guys, went to mates property on the weekend, he had a pretty nice track, decent jumps, so i decided to try my luck on the fury, which took them well, but i got a flat tyre, so i hopped on my mates kx125 and held on :D (btw, not sure if this is in the right spot, feel free to move this...
  6. M

    Looking to buy my first pit bike.

    Hey guys of! Just joined like 5 mins go! But as you may know from the title, I'm looking for my first pit bike. I'm new to the sport, and know nothing about pit bikes, just that theyre pretty much kids bikes with suped up engines made for mucking around on trails and stuff. So...
  7. motoclown

    MXoN 2010 Clown Pics I HAVE -Doc-U-Men-Ta-Tion-Take a look & make a comment

    So, I made the big journey west to the great state of Colorado for the MXoN 2010. Check my pictures out........... - Motocross online since 1997 - Re:MXoN 2010 Clown Pics I HAVE -Doc-U-Men-Ta-Tion-Take a look & make a comment - MotoTalk -