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  1. china911

    New member to miniriders

    Hi l have been procrastinating for a while now and finally became a member. l have been Riding dirt bikes for 38 years and had a go on a dhz 110 a year back on a mates grass track. The thing got me hooked . (last time l felt like this was on a yz490 ) Decided to buy it off the kid put some...
  2. dynamicgs

    Gearing and Sprockets...

    Hi, Ive come to the conclusion the gearing on my YX160 Mid Size is annoying me, so I want to know what some of you guys run with... I currently have a 16t Front and a 41t rear Im finding second is just too high, and 3rd gear is just too low for the tracks I am riding.. Cant decide if I...
  3. Barnesd09

    Gearbox Ratios

    Here is the final finished product for you to play with and use as you please. Speeds are only an indication and does not take into account the tyre deformation under load or the knobby's digging into the dirt. Cells containing all the data are hidden and can be unhidden for you to view if you...