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  1. roostyamates

    Protective equipment - help

    hey just wondering what protective equipment most of you guys on here use? and what would you suggest buying? what are some good boots as i am getting some today.. i have gloves, helmet and goggles do i need anything else? im not planning on racing.
  2. Blender

    What helmet to buy?

    hi boys and girls! whilst riding today, i noticed my helemt had begun to fall apart around my head, so i decided to bite the bullet and get a new one. problem is i have no idea what is good and what is not. i wore my mates fox helmet, it was alot better than my "Kylin" ?? chinese one i am...
  3. D

    GOPRO edit on youtube

    Did this a while ago, thought I would chuck it here if anyone's interested. Got footage from some races but haven't edited them yet. Fifty Fun at Lymington - YouTube
  4. Hillz

    Show us your lid!!! (Helmet)

    On the weekend my old FOx pilot i have had since 2003 Got crushed by my bike when it fell off the sideof the van :eek: But it's not all bad i have a new one coming today 2009 Fox V3 Inked So show us what you use to protect your head, could be a ice cream bucket or the world biggest...