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  1. Y

    pe28 on yx150

    I have a yx150 just waiting on the rubber adaptor to fit it currently have jets 40/100 how do you think it will run bit lean ?
  2. T

    Tdr 125 idles VERY high!

    I've tried adjusting the air screw on the carb but it doesn't seem to be doing much... It just seems to idle very high and when you release the clutch you shoot off.. I checked the flap to see if it was getting stuck when I pulled and released throttle and it's fine! Any help guys??? I've...
  3. Clunk

    Sealing 26mm OKO Flatty swivel top??

    Ok i've fitted a 26mm Flatslide from DHZ to my stock lifan 150 and after some efforts at tuning its getting rather hot and back firing flames when decelerating. So im guessing lean but im running- K98 main (originally had K100 fitted but had no response at all and very boggy) K40...