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  1. J

    A cheap all inclusive Lighting kit ?

    Hi, I am looking for a cheep 12v light kit that I can put on my minibike as I prepare to make it sreeet legal. I am looking for something super simple and that has at minimum turn signals that blink and a break light with controls for turn signals. If a kit has more then that please feel free to...
  2. J

    Motovert RX build

    hey guys, I have recently acquired a 08 motovert RX. It began life as a 50cc, but the previous owner put the 110cc lifan into it. The whole bike has 740ks but the 110 was put in less that 100 ago. When I got the bike the whole engine was really loose so I needed to find some bolts and It...
  3. jimbo jones

    My road registered 140cc Assassin / Shineray build

    I sourced a Shinray Yamato frame with ADR tags on it and I am swapping all my assasian gear into it the frame came with the 12v harness for all the lights and horn so all I need now are the blinkers tail light and head light. Here are the before pic's.
  4. sam93

    Head light

    Hi guys, Any ideas on a half decent head light? Having trouble on finding a half decent one that will actually light up the bush. Yes i have looked on ebay and online stores nothing yet. Thanks, Sam93.