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  1. M

    Master Cylinder leak??

    Hey guys Im brand new to th forum and would really appreciate any help, thanks!! Ok so to start off, I got a chinese pit bike for my girlfriend, problem was the brakes didnt work. The guy I got ti from said they just needed to be bled. Being a very gullible person, I just nodded said alright...
  2. sam93

    klx650r front brake master clyinder conversion

    Hey guys, been meaning to do a few tuts. So heres one to start. Here I have a 1993-96 Kawasaki klx650 front brake master cylinder fitted to a standard front single pot brake. Here is what the master itself looks like: [/IMG] [/IMG] What you will need: -8mm & 12mm Spanner -New master...
  3. brettLo

    front brakes

    hey all just got an urgent question as i want to order the parts tonight so there arrived by the weekend (if parts are required) well what happened was , i took the front wheel off my bike, (got a flat) and when i was chatting to a mate and not realising what i was doing. i was squeezing my...