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  1. nicko451

    BBR Midsize 138

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Bbr midsize perimeter frame and swingarm Marzocchi shiver works kit Bbr worked elka shock Honda/Takegawa 138 superhead Genuine mikuni 26mm Needs brake pedal Literally has only been ridden a handfull of times PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: 4,500...
  2. motorman

    Atomik onboard as new Site Sponsor!!

    Hey All, It's with great pleasure I announce that Atomik have come onboard as a site sponsor. I know a lot of members have Atomik bikes so this is great news for the site and sport. Please welcome Andy and the team onboard. Nick
  3. motorman

    Welcome back GMX!!

    Hey All, GMX are back onboard. Jump on there website and check out there new range of bikes. http://www.gmxmotorbikes.com.au
  4. Carlts

    Fifty of the Month April-May 2012

    Fifty of the Month April-May 2012 Good luck to all who entered and let the voting begin! <hr> Timeeh - Atomik Nitrous 160 <img src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-EwxQzye2uQE/TwEqvqKGPhI/AAAAAAAAAPE/cAvwpsNHD6Q/s1152/DSC08995.JPG" width="1000" border="0"> Specs: - DNM Hornet Forks -...
  5. J3NNINGS_024

    J3NNINGS's z160 perimeter build

    hey all, this should be a quick build as i've already got half of it finished. About 1 1/2 years ago i finished a build with my perimeter frame but overtime i got sick of the little yx 150's power and the bike in general started to look like it's seen better days. i pulled the bike back to the...
  6. qwerty123

    Best bike for 1000 bucks

    whats the best bike to get for 1000 bucks? is it possible to get a bike bigger than a Bigfoot frame wise (longer) and would it be decent? ive looked at the atomik reign bigfoot 160 but i want something a little bit bigger.