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  1. Z

    Motovert RX155 Minimotard

    My Motovert RX125 with 155z motor. Registered with the motor and capacity listed. Old member Android90's old bike. OKO 26mm 36/102 top clip, air screw 1.5 turns, port matched. 17/37 gearing. Pitster Pro X4 swingarm (looking for a new one if anyone has a link to buy one other than the one from...
  2. A

    Converting to motard help

    Ok so here's the deal. I have a 125cc that is the "big wheel" 17/14 . I'm wondering if I can go up in rear tire size to the 16"-17" <- pushing it there. Anyways so is this possible? I'm somewhat new to the mini thing and don't know if this is taboo or not. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. wrtimmy

    YZ85 front brake swap

    G'day everyone, I'm looking at doing some further upgrades to my ('04) YZ85 minimotard braking setup. Currently it's got a standard master cylinder, braided line and an EBC 250mm disc. It's not too bad, but definitely lacks power. The master cylinder is a 11mm bore, and is the same used...
  4. Barnesd09

    Step up to 250 production from minimotards

    Its been a while since I've posted on here, but a few know that I have been trying to keep mini motard happening in Vic through the SWMMC, but more importantly, I've made the step up to racing 250 production class on a Hyosung GT250r. Funny though, these bikes are actually no faster around...
  5. stumbows

    Mini Motard in Wollongong

    On the weekend Saturday 17th August I heard there was going to be a round of a mini motard series being held at Wollongong City Raceway, so I went over to check it out to find there was one race with pocket bikes and not a single mini motard to be seen in sight! I'm about to complete a motard...