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  1. Jonte

    Tb v2 head with stock cylinder

    I finally found a tb v2 head from Finland and it cost only 65€ :afro: I have been thinking that i'm gonna buy stock cylinder, so do i need to modify the piston for the v2 head? Is there any differences between yx 150cc and yx 160cc cylinders and pistons?
  2. The_GDFP

    Cheap mods that really work thread?

    I'll go first:) When you turn the manifold around on a KLX and chop the starter boss off, you need a shorter tensioner. I use the YX/Z ones. If you are SURE you are smarter than a spring-loaded plunger, and nearly as diligent, you can either buy a $100 "billet" adjustable one, or spend 5...
  3. F

    crf50 family

    this is my first ride on my crf 50. i filmed a bit on my camera not the best but hey i only went to ride. footage of myself my son and my brother. cheers YouTube - crf50 family
  4. jasonbutey

    The Im Going To Thread

    Ok theres a thread and its called ( THE I JUST DID ) so i decided to make a thread called (THE IM GOING TO) soo we can all chat about what where going to do with our bikes, or whatever. ENJOY