Cheap mods that really work thread?

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Feb 5, 2010
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Flint, MI, USA
I'll go first:)

When you turn the manifold around on a KLX and chop the starter boss off, you need a shorter tensioner. I use the YX/Z ones. If you are SURE you are smarter than a spring-loaded plunger, and nearly as diligent, you can either buy a $100 "billet" adjustable one, or spend 5 minutes and $.45 making your own. If you're concerned with looks, you can paint it to match your purse and toenail polish.


Pic pretty much says it all, but in case you are still wondering;

Items used:
YX tensioner
5/16-18 x 2.5" carriage bolt
5/16 nut

Cutoff wheel or hacksaw
Tap & handle
Drift punch or nail

Don safety glasses
Drive drift pin from tensioner body, allowing parts to fly around
Cut off lower section of body, short enough for tap to make full-cut
Tap through body
Install bolt, stock o-ring, and nut
Slot end of bolt
Install in cylinder
Ensure slack is in top row of chain
Lightly snug bolt with screw slot in end
Tighten nut
Laugh at how easy that was
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top work Terry, never really thought of modding the tensioner.

and just by looking at it you could also make it spring loaded fairly easily..