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  1. Luke918273

    Exhaust help

    Hey guys just wanting some knowledge on what pipe I should be looking for my pit bike, also I pulled off the muffler tonight and found out it has an adapter and wondering if I can take it out of the muffler or if it’s welded in before I destroy it. Pictures below of my bike.
  2. The_GDFP

    Cheap mods that really work thread?

    I'll go first:) When you turn the manifold around on a KLX and chop the starter boss off, you need a shorter tensioner. I use the YX/Z ones. If you are SURE you are smarter than a spring-loaded plunger, and nearly as diligent, you can either buy a $100 "billet" adjustable one, or spend 5...
  3. PIMP50

    V2 heads

    Can i put a V2 head on a stock yx150 ?? will the piston hit the vavles or will it all be ok ? cheers fellas
  4. sean01

    yx150 dt-5 center case..need a bit of advice

    hi there, i got a yx150 dt-5 daytona motor here that im repairing for a mate. its got the cracked cases syndrome from the owner putting a outer rotor kit on it and putting it on full advance....hmmm nice hey... anyways, iv looked everywhere for a replacement case that takes the same...