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  1. O

    2006 orion 125cc oil

    Hi I'm just wondering what oil to use and where is the oil filter in my 2006 Orion 125cc
  2. T

    orion 250cc

    ok so im new here and dont know where to put this im looking at buying a orion 250, i would like some info on them what they are like and how they handle and stuff, this will be my first "big" bike, im 6''4' and weigh about 105kg but am too scared to get a 450 thanks
  3. R

    what kind of bike is this?

    Hey guys, So I have this bitsa bike we picked up on the weekend, it's a 90cc semi auto for our 10 year old to step up from his quad. We wanna get some new plastics for it, and the bike has been changed out from its original frame, so not sure what this frame is and whether the...
  4. brettLo

    Adding extra fork oil

    Hey guys , Awhile ago I changed my fork oil. And would like to "top" them up a little to try get them a little firmer. Is there a way to do this without removing the forks again etc ? For example, would I just remove the caps on the top of the fork and add say 20ML to each leg ? Or is there...
  5. C

    New rear wheel needed for ORION 250cc

    Hey, Recently bought a used orion 250cc pitbike/dirtbike and it needs a new rear wheel ifr anyone has one would be great to heaar from you. PM me Cheers, Connor
  6. C

    Orion minibike electrical problems!

    Hey all, im new here on miniriders but i have a question that i really need solved, I recently bought a second hand 250cc orion 4stroke. and i other day i took off the sprocket cover, and that is where the earth lead went too the next day i went too start it up and it melted the earth lead so i...
  7. P

    rod knock on my 4 stroke 250cc? (wall of text)

    Hello, i have a question, i have a Chinese bike a orion 250cc a 4 stroke air cooled engine. The factory that made it is ATV | Dirt Bike | Pit Bike | Electric Bike Manufacturer And Wholesaler-- China APOLLO/ORION/HYENG/HYENA Sports. and they dont want to send me a explosive view of the engine...
  8. Carlts

    GPX 125cc or Lifan 140cc

    Gday Everyone My mate has a twin spar klx style orion pit bike. Pretty much the same as this link here. http://lh6.ggpht.com/_9B5bhxAaYoc/SnKpwOejMbI/AAAAAAAAA_g/zC07-iF4qUk/s720/140ccOrion29bPitBikeRed.jpg The engine in the bike is a 140cc lifan supposaadly, although couldnt find any...
  9. xxBRENTxx

    what plastics will fit this.

    i cant find anywhere that has plastics for the orion agb-30E 250cc/atomik pro x 250 does anybody know where to get them or any others that would fit it. thanks. here is a link to a picture Icebear - Orion-30E 250cc
  10. KLR125

    ducar 250

    hey. just got a new crappy orion 250 its got a ducar motor. it goes well. time to change the oil though. anyone have a rough idea on how much oil these china 250 motors take. i know the 125's take around 800ml to 1 litre but i dont wanna go buy 1 litre oil then find its not...
  11. KLR125

    help:Motor leaking oil?

    hey. my motor (125) is leaking oil not really badly but if i let it sit overnight theres a drop or two on the ground. its comingfrom the rear casing near the sproket i put 15/40 oil in so is not thin oil. its an old motor and i will be uprgrading in the near future so im not to interested in...
  12. KLR125

    can i wire up a tacho?

    hi just wondering is it possible to wire up a tacho gauge to a 125 kick start bike all my bike has is the coil and cdi no battery please let me know if anyone has done it or if you know how to thanks allot chris:)
  13. J

    Dhz vs. Atomik vs. Orion

    Ok so i just want some of your opinions. I dont know what bike to choose between a DHZ D-Pro 125CC 2007 Model, Atomik MotoX 125, and an Orion AGB21G 125cc.. O and i dont got much money so plz dont tell me to save up and buy a pitpro or somthing.. O crap they dont ship DHZ to maimi FL guess...