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Sep 13, 2010
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Brisbane, QLD
Gday Everyone
My mate has a twin spar klx style orion pit bike. Pretty much the same as this link here.

The engine in the bike is a 140cc lifan supposaadly, although couldnt find any markings indicating this. Well the situation is that the engine kept slipping out of gears, so we pulled it apart attempting to fix and now more problems, the clutch doesn't work.
So we are going to buy a new engine and we were wondering what engine you guys would recommend, he wants one that will bolt straight on and use the same carby, so the lifan 140 would probably be the best option, we were looking at the gpx 125 but im not sure if that would bolt on and then a new carby is probably needed.

So in short a new engine is needed that could bolt staright on and off we go. The GPX 125cc is the quicker engine but if bought would a new carby and a new exhaust need to be bought? and would it fit?

Sorry for the long winded explanantion but as youve guys have helped so much before I knew you would know whats best.

Cheers for the help Guys


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Sep 21, 2010
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get the gpx 125 ;) lol

you shouldn't need a new exhaust i didn't need one nor a new carbie my 32 mm mikuni works fine but i will be upgrading to a oko 26mm as they are much more snappy

at the end of the day it comes down to tuning but in some cases it does have to do with the carbie
the thing is why pay the money for a lifan 140 when you can get a race ready gpx 125 for around the same price?

it's your choice though

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