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  1. N

    Mini riders in perth

    Any 50 riders around perth that are keen for a squirt or know any good spots?
  2. P

    motard racing In w.a

    Hey fellas..wanting to know if there's any mini motard events coming up in or around perth way?? If not lets get one organized at one of the kart tracks aye
  3. Perthrider

    26mm oko flatslide-perth region

    WANTED: 26mm oko flatslide CONDITION: shiny? Haha PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: under 80$ LOCATION: perth region- dunsborough region EXTRA INFORMATION: asap, any mistakes i appologise, new to forum CONTACT: 0449205085
  4. M

    Hec's current ride - Tonelli/Skyteam M125

    Well, since MG is shut down and I've been a member here for over a year, I may as well put up a pic of my current ride - a Tonelli M125 Honda Z50 replica. I have 20 or so Hondas and 4 Chingas in the shed, but this is the reliable bike that always sees active duty. Keeping it mostly stock, only...
  5. elliotcocofishing

    Where can I buy Motoverts in Perth??

    I am looking for the new 2009 Motovert Pro 150. Where can I buy these? Can you please PM it to me. Thanks!!! =)
  6. V

    PERTH Offroad Vehicle Registration

    Hey everyone, Just got my PitPro 125RR and I really like it. I am wanting to take it out to Gnangara or one of the other designated offroad vehicle areas around Perth. I've read that you need to get OVR plates for the pitbike. Is this generally enforced in these areas? I went to Gnangara today...