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  1. D

    2008 ssr 125

    Hi new to the forums, found a pit bike with a spare engine for $600. I'll post pics soon. Whats the value of these bikes? I know without pictures its hard to tell.
  2. GooseMan

    Anyone want project?? TC185

    ITEM AND CONDITION Up for grabs is my 1974 TC185 Suzuki, in fair condition but runs well. PRICE, PAYMENT METHOD AND TERMS OF SALE: C.O.D or paypal or bank transfer before pick up. $600 Negotiable for you lads. REASON FOR SELLING: Need to make room in shed, shut got a new bike. EXTRA INFO...
  3. TomaszBurcon


    Hey guys thought i would make a thread were all of the pictures from the ride day can go. I cant upload now because i am on my phone but as soon as i get home i will have a tonne to upload :) So yeah if you have any pics from the day or brettos place on saturday upload them :) Ok guys i...
  4. $heepy

    went for a ride today. i thought i might share.

    here is some pics of me having a little burn. we desperately need some rain it is so dry!