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  1. F

    Atomik reign bigfoot rec reg?

    Hey everyone, buying a second hand atomik reign bigfoot tomorrow that has all the requirements for rec reg through Vic roads but does anyone if the bike itself is eligible? Are pit bikes in general acceptable for rec reg?
  2. xLOCOx

    :( pain in the bum Stator, charging/lighting coil!!

    ive got another thread related to a rec reg setup..... gday lads and laddies so i put the coil on.. which was supplied by my67xr.. thanks again . anyway my new coil is generating 3.5V and i was thinking i need...
  3. xLOCOx

    spark arrestor ?

    hey there again.... lol any way i need to have a spark arrestor for my pipe to pass regs :( anyway ... is it possible to make one? and what would i need? cheers loco
  4. dynamicgs

    Once again... the US doing it right!

    Check this out! Another case of the US doing it right! We need something like this! Imagine how much land could be opened up for use.. not talking nice forests, but unused forestry or desert type land owned by the crown...
  5. sam93

    How to make a tail light mount

    For those that want to ride at night on there land or for rec reg here is a tutt showing how to make a rear tail light mount that will be strong enough and pretty easy to make... What you will need is: .Metal or alloy prefferably 1-2mm thick. .Hacksaw or grinder .Drill .Flat file or...
  6. sam93

    Head light

    Hi guys, Any ideas on a half decent head light? Having trouble on finding a half decent one that will actually light up the bush. Yes i have looked on ebay and online stores nothing yet. Thanks, Sam93.