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  1. M

    3 Phase Stator into Chinese Motor (Sachs Madass woes)

    Hi Tech Masters, After searching for quite some time, I've finally picked up a "49cc" registered Sachs Madass. This in itself excites me somewhat. Anyway, its got the 88cc BBR kit installed already, but I need a clutch and at least 125cc before I'm going to enjoy this bike. I'm looking at...
  2. Chops

    My modified madass!

    Thought I would put up build thread of my Sachs Madass, they share a few similarities to mini bikes. I have been reading alot of stuff on here lately, in anticipation of a future engine upgrade. Here it is the day i picked it up. I pretty much ordered a tune up kit straight away with egr...
  3. J

    Sachs Pipe Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend an after-market pipe for the Sachs Madass 125 to improve performance? Would prefer to source in NSW if possible.