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  1. pitsterproAUS


    HERE U GO GUYS EASTER SALE TIME Coupon Code = MINIRIDERCOUPON (Customer need to input the coupon code when checkout) 15% off discount on product total Not eligible for bikes, engines, and parts already on sale.
  2. S


    ITEM AND CONDITION: For sale 2011 crf50 as new please look at build for all the info. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $2200 REASON FOR SELLING: not using looking to buy a 250f or 125 2stoke mx for the misses. EXTRA INFO...
  3. Stubsy

    1979 SR500

    ITEM AND CONDITION: great PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: 7k REASON FOR SELLING: don't have time to ride and im gonna buy an old car EXTRA INFO: here we go For sale - very regretful sale but it doesnt get used nearly enough. 1979 sr500. Very custom and a big...
  4. Carlts

    FS: 17/14 wheels, Molkt carb, + more

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Pro Tapers SE $40 SOLD -Good condition, 8 hours use, straight 2. YX160cc $100 SOLD -No side casings, good compression, kicks over, owner said clutch wasn't working Head inspected and is looking in good nick, No teeth missing on gears (refer to pics)...
  5. B

    GMX Motorbikes Massive 3 Day Sale - 10% Off

    We will start 3 day sale from this Friday 22/02/2013 to 24/02/2013 for full range of . GMX 49cc Quad Bikes / Dirt Bikes . GMX 70cc Quad Bikes / Dirt Bikes . GMX 110cc Motorbikes . GMX 125cc Motorbikes . GMX 250cc ATVs (Sports) Feel free to share...
  6. ajaay

    iPhone 5 !

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Brand new iPhone 5 16 gb black and slate un opened still sealed With a few accessories - case -screen and back protectors -sim card adapters so you can use any phone if you like PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: 700 firm Payment by bank deposit or...
  7. Carlts

    WTB: Dust Seal for Wheels (35mm OD)

    WANTED: 4 x Pit Bike Dust Seal for wheels (35mm Outer Diameter) CONDITION: Brand New PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Haven't found any on-line so not sure on what they are worth. Less is better as usual xD LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD EXTRA INFORMATION: Yer if you have some FS let me know or if...
  8. T

    FMX RAMPS: im looking to buy

    hey im just wondering if anyoune has orknows anyone who is interested in selling preferably a mini FMX ramp or maby even a full-size FMX ramp. they have to be in good conditon and strong i live in melbourne so someone local would be the best :driver: price range is whatever you offer if...
  9. Carlts

    WTB: GPX / Zongshen 160ho Engine (or bottom end)

    WANTED: GPX / Zongshen 160ho or 155z Bottom End CONDITION: New, or great condition with no bottom end faults (don;t mind if its an engine with a bad top end as I got a new cylinder, head and piston. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Cheaper the better as usual. Up to $250 perhaps? I have a few parts too...