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  1. Devin DeMarco

    new to the 110 world (crf110)

    Hi all! I’ve been in the 50 game for around 15+ years and never got huge into it, but did the simple mods like 88 kit, skid plate, pipe, +2 swinger and some bigger suspension. But seeing everyone with a 110 seems to be (or has been) the new craze. My 50 has been siting for the last 5-8 years...
  2. J

    Pit Bike Issues

    Hi Guys, im new here (Will introduce myself). I recently purchased a 150cc Pit Bike (Chinese im assuming). Got the bike for next to nothing due to it needing some work. According to the seller, the bike needed oil ring because of the smoke and clutch lever. I replaced the clutch lever to test...
  3. C

    bike wont start

    hey guys, my bike has been having problems lately it used to start 1st kick but after i washed it i realised i got the air filter wet by accident. (there was a hole in the bag i put over it) so i took it off and let it dry out for a day and put it back on. the bike then wouldnt start and it...
  4. jackbmx2010

    70cc still not going : (

    aye guys, my 70cc atomik still wont start. has brand new head and valves ect.. brand new carby, new lead. timing is set right from advice on previous posts and so are valve clearances. has fuel and spark but is a bit low on compression. when i kick it over it sounds like it is gonna start and...