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  1. D

    need help about semi-Auto 4 speed pitster pro 50

    Hi guys just got myself a second hand pitster pro 50 4 speed semi auto bike, and its awesome but 2 problems 1. shifting up gears is hard as hell "not like a bike with a clutch" are they suppose to be hard to put in gear 2. When i give the bike acceleration it bogs out it only allows me to...
  2. Rizzo97

    Flywheel mod

    Hey guys, lightened my flywheel a while back for more acceleration, got lots more! But dose feel like I've lost some speed.. Dose lightening them take away some top speed? I don't see why it would baut can see how lightening it helps it get going quicker.
  3. I

    Jialing 124 dropping in/out of second - 1down 4up box

    The boy got home after a thrash about town, seems the FMR is playing silly buggers in second. He explains it that only in second it feels like its slipping then grabbing again. I would suspect the clutch but its only in second it happens and the clutch feels strong. Ive read a few posts...
  4. N

    qg-210 coolster mod help

    I recently bought a coolster qg-210 for 50 dollars and it works fine. I bought this bike as a toy and a project. I want to know if there are any mods I can do to it to make it faster. Thanks. p.s. This is my only bike so i really don't know what i am doing. I have basic knowledge but I...
  5. vic1616

    125cc pitbike gear to speed ratios

    hey guys, i was wondering if it's just me but my 125cc pitbike seems slow when im maxing out in 3rd gear ide say im going 35mph when i have my throttle floored in third gear... is this normal for a 125cc pitty? will it shoot right up to like 50-55mph when i floor it in 4rth gear? what...
  6. hallzee


    has anyone ever fitted a pushbike speedo to their moto? any ideas on it?