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  1. vanq

    Daytona 4v Kick Starter Assembly

    Hi all, When I try to kick start my Daytona Anima 4V 150F about 50% of the time the kick starter slips and you can hear it grinding. I figured the shear gear had died so I have ordered a new kick starter assembly however, I was wondering how hard it is to install? Do I have to split the...
  2. B

    Electric starter problems on Pitsterpro mx110

    Hi guys & gals, just bought a pitster pro mx110 for my son, it's only 6 weeks old and the electric starter has crapped itself, I've checked battery, fuse and wireing and all seem fine, the starter itself works fine if I put direct power to it, any ideas would be much appreciated, I'm not the...
  3. G

    won't start..

    Hey guys new to the forum. Bought my son a new little tao tao 110 atv to learn on before he was big enough to move up to my daughters LT80. Yesterday he found himself a Water hole and got himself stuck.. quad was running fine even after I got him out and in the process of getting myself...
  4. Clinton3

    Plug Photos

    Hi Guys, I've got a Dirtmax Dominator 160cc with a bad kick back problem. I have already replaced the starter gears once. I just did my oil and found large amounts of metal stuck to the sump plug. (photos below) I think it is safe to say that these are starter gear teeth. If so, and the bike...