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  1. sly1300

    Stock CRF50 Plastics/Graphics

    As title says, im after a complete set of stock crf50 plastics with the oem stickers. Not overly fussed on what year but must be in good clean condition, not too banged and scratched up. Must be complete set (front shrouds, number plate, front guard and rear tail) and must have STOCK honda...
  2. D

    can someone please help me, CRF50 plastics / sticker kits

    where i can buy the original CRF50 stickers and plastics from??
  3. H

    help with motovert rx125 plastics

    I have a motovert rx125, I know that the crf50 plastics fit it besides you need a crf70 rear fender.. to save the hasssle buying both do all the crf70 plastics fit the rx125 or just the rear fender...?
  4. 8r3nd0

    Sinister 50's

    Hey boys check out this up and coming mini brand on Facebook, give em a like and share the page while your at it.
  5. I

    Plastics for an Atomik Nitrous 160

    I was just looking on ebay for some plastics/stickers for my Atomik nitrous because the stickers on by default are horrible. :P
  6. WeRideMinis

    cheap vinyl cut stickers!!!

    Hey everyone, Just thought this would be a good chance to introduce myself, my names craig, im 21 from sydney. A fellow minibike rider, I would like to offer my trade to all fellow minirider members, I make custom vinyl stickers for cars. Bikes. Boats. Pretty much anything. Racing numbers...
  7. short.y

    Mx numbers

    hey does anyone know where to get some good quality sets of numbers for a WHOLE bike??? at a decent price? websites are good.. thanks.