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  1. K

    What model is my Kawasaki bike? No spark issue

    Hello everybody!! Just picked up a 70's Kawasaki bike. Any idea of what Year? Also, have a weird spark issue. No spark when kill switch is pressed, no spark when kill switch is NOT pressed. But DO have spark if i keep tapping the killswitch while kicking it over!?!?
  2. B

    Key Igntion tutorial (not electric start)

    Hello, i have always wanted a key switch on my pit bike not only for security but it also looks more of a professional bike with the key (people say that it wont do jack to stop people joyriding or stealing saying someone would just unplug it and off they go i see it this way if they are dumb...
  3. D

    Mini Moto DR9 Monkey 50cc

    hi all, i have just bought the above bike 2nd hand, it has spark but will not start, i have the carby off & looking at cleaning & trying again.. problem is the cut of switch is disconnected?!?! dont really want to start it if i cannot turn it off, question is how do i wire this into th...
  4. T

    Atomik Link wiring, i'm doing my head in over it.

    Hi, i'm on the verge of thowing this bike over a cliff, i'm trying to get the wiring sorted for the elec start, but having no luck/ i can start it by bridging the posts on the solenoid with a screw driver, but need the start button working. I found a couple broken wires in the start...
  5. D

    Suzuki DS80 - How to test headlight / taillight wiring?

    Hey i just purchased a ds80 for my gf, it has lights and everything looks like it is wired up properly. But neither light works, i replaced the bulbs. I have a multimeter.. How do i test the wiring? I tried setting my multi to 20vdc, and touching the wires in the headlight socket, but i...
  6. tiiteri

    Loncin 110cc kickstart lamps?

    Can you get lamps on loncin 110cc kickstart with switch, cause there is a empty connector. or is it just for battery and generator? Here is a piic to help out. [/IMG]
  7. E

    Fuel Switch?

    I have an fy110cc mini desert which has a leaking fuel switch, are they fixable or will i have to buy a new one. cheers