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  1. M

    how to remove rusted bearing

    Hello, i just got a mini bike and i need to replace the rear wheel bearings, but they are rusted to hell on in there, any ideas to get them out? thanks
  2. C

    ttr style plastics-white

    WANTED: white ttr 110 style plastics to suit lxr CONDITION: new or good condition PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:something reasonable LOCATION:somewhere in Aus, will pay postage EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: cam, 0452181552 or PM thanks
  3. Carlts

    Tommys Linkage 160cc Build

    Hey guys, Starting a thread on behalf of my brother and his current build. Got a PSTO tl140 roller for a decent price here in Brissy and it pretty much went from there: Brought the roller home, and ripped her apart straight away: Parts that we are gonna keep were cleaned up...
  4. P


    HI all, I currently have a MSO 140cc that goes fantastic but its too small. Going to upgrade to a TTR125 but doesn't seem to have much grunt. What would i need to do to the TTR to give it more lower power Cheers