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  1. mudskipper

    FS: [WA] 2012 Motovert 160 pro

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 160cc Big bore with 12/14 fork and swing arm setup As heading states, I have had this bike for quite a while, but spent more time modifying it than riding it. Bought new from Motorbike City, Ferntree Gully in VIC. A bit dirty from dried out mud but rips super hard with...
  2. kosta

    IMR-RACING.COM Supermotard Wheels with PMT Tyres

    ITEM: 12 inch Front and rear imr-racing rims, fitted with PMT medium compound tyres, including 15mm front and rear axles. These are quality wheels and tyres from Europe for the serious racer. Apparently they weigh less than 3kg each, which is great for racing. CONDITION: They look great to...
  3. S

    Using a Chinese bike as a cheap base to get into pit bikes...

    Hi I'm new here. New to riding motorbikes too....but defiantly not new to bikes just bikes with motors. I went and bought a TDR 125 ox7 from ebay. Pretty sure you know the one the 125cc TDR with a ducar motor. I did do my research and I was thinking this will be perfect A.its cheap and B.I...
  4. R


    kickin my build of , I have actually already built it so is more of a build review!lol hopefully enjoy peeps!:)
  5. C

    Blata rep.(C1)

    Hi, my blata rep.(C1) has been giving me some trouble, every time i turn, the bike starts to hop like crazy and is really out of balance. I don't know if it's the frame,tyres etc. does anybody have any suggestions to what might be causing it?
  6. dynamicgs

    Good Tyres for my 160

    Got a YX160 China bike.. .tyres are done after 3 rides... After a new set, and want to know what is a good, long lasting tyre, and are there any good places to order online? Cant find any Aussie sites with good range or tyre descriptions.... Cheers