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  1. Carlts

    Achievements updating

    Just a word to all the achievement junkies. (We all need them for a self esteem boost I suppose) At present the system is updating all the achievements. It does it on an hourly basis (100 per hour) , but as we have overr 19,000 members who have on average 2 awards each, the updating will take...
  2. tomy251

    Tomy's CRF50 88 Limited Build...

    Hi Guys! Havent been on here for a fair while...went to Japan for 5 weeks over the Christmas Holidays :)...Meaning I havent got my 50 together yet hahaha. Ive made this PROPER Thread about it so its easy to follow with what Im doing on it. Anyways, heres a Pic of how I got it when I bought...