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  1. F

    Can I run 660mm gpx forks with 10 inch wheels

    I just brought sum 660 mm gpx black label forks. For a bike I'm doing up I wanna run 10 inch wheels on it but the brake calliper is hitting the rim can I get a smaller one to fit or carnt u run 10 inch with these forks any helps cheers
  2. J

    My Pitster Lxr

    New to the sit but not to mini's thought I'd show my lxr currently waiting for a set of 12/14 wheels again.
  3. Hilli32

    Pitpro Limited Edition 140cc Motard bike

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Originally bought in 2011 to race warrnambool state motard championships but hasnt been ridden since end of 2012! ...Motor mods include... -High comp piston -High performace camshaft -Ported and Polished head -New gearbox plus it was correctly shimmed ....Rest...
  4. S

    Kayo Mini GP Build Up

    New toy I picked up for me and my son once he grows up enough to ride. Gonna do a 2011 Marco Simoncelli Replica to it. Not sure what color I want to powdercoat the wheels. I am leaning toward red right now as the replica will have some red in it. Kayo Mini GP...
  5. V

    DR-Z 70 wheels and plastics

    Hello, I first want to say I am not building a pit bike. I was planning on getting my 6 yr old son a CRF 50 but found a good deal on a 2008 DR-Z 70. I am riding a 2002 XR400 and my boy wants his bike to look like dads. So the plan for the CRF was to get the complete aluminum wheelsets in black...
  6. T

    Super mini motard

    I got plans to turn this 49cc into a motard, using the 6.5in road version wheels, would like to put a 50cc 4 stroke in but cant seem to find one.
  7. P

    Motard wheels Atomik

    Where is the best place to get motard wheels for my 140 Atomik?
  8. skidz1


    hey guys just a quick question.. i got a set of 14' - 12' - 1.85 steel wheels from atomik for my motovert. and the rear wheel lasted 2 rides before it cracked the rim.. i first noticed my tyre was flat, then my spokes were loose, and then the rim had cracked. the spokes were tight before i went...
  9. kosta

    IMR-RACING.COM Supermotard Wheels with PMT Tyres

    ITEM: 12 inch Front and rear imr-racing rims, fitted with PMT medium compound tyres, including 15mm front and rear axles. These are quality wheels and tyres from Europe for the serious racer. Apparently they weigh less than 3kg each, which is great for racing. CONDITION: They look great to...
  10. epod

    will a 14" rear wheel fit in a pitster x4 swingarm

    Hi all i am racing my x4r in samui thailand against other big wheeled GPX pitbikes and full size 250's so i am hopinging a 14" rear wheel will fit in the x4, because sometimes the tracks here are very muddy with deep ruts. Is there a 32 spoke 16" front rim available also or do you have to run...
  11. nickv1980

    Nicko's radness Drift trike custom built

    He boys n girls I'm still alive and kicking been really busy lately but I've got a new toy to share with ya'll ! Huffy slider 2013 spec Custom built by Mark from Midgets garage 40cc case reed 2 smoker motor ( basically a pocket bike motor with plastic covers and top mounted tank )...
  12. S

    Pitster Pro X2

    Anyone own a Pitster X2 and put a bigger rim on the front or rear? It has 1.4x12 on the front and 1.85x10 on the rear and I'd prefer to have 14" front and a 12" rear. Do I have the clearance?
  13. Norway

    Shed Clear out

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: Group photo 1 1: 30mm Mikuni carb $15 CHINESE COPY SOLD 2: 160YX Oil Filter $10 3: 160YX Oil Cooler $10 SOLD 4: 210mm Brake disc $20 5: 180mm Brake disc (4 of) $15 ea 6: Lge Single Piston Caliper, fits 180mm Disc & Black Label Forks - Red lever $25 SOLD 7: 4 Pot...
  14. T

    ttr90 wheels

    hi anyone know where I can pick uop a set of spare wheels for a TTR90? stock is cool otherwise any tips on any aftermarket ones. thanks Mike
  15. T

    puncture help

    hi my uncle keeps on getting punctures on his 125 and 250 atomik bikes he has rode 6 times this year and he got 6 punctures. i thing it is time to chane brand what do u guys think?
  16. elliotcocofishing

    CRF50 Painting Parts

    Hey, I am planning on painting my frame and swingarm and touching up on a few bits. I currently have a Lime Green Five-O frame and black swingarm. I am not a huge fan of the green and the swingarm has nicks and scratches on it and looks a bit shabby. And my rear rim has quite a few scratches...
  17. brap

    two 12 inch wheels

    hey just wondering what you think two 12 inch wheels would be like? look any good?