50cc lifan tuning?

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Sep 10, 2007
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Up in the snow-blown scandinavia.
I got myself a monkeybike clone with a 50cc lifan engine in it, it's streetlegal here in norway, I want more power out of it but I want to keep it a 50cc for now, I've already got a 110cc ported loncin lying in my garage as a backup.

anybody got experience tuning 50cc's? it seems like the focus is always on the bigger engines on these forums...

would a free-flowing exhaust be of any real benefit on such a small engine? it's got an exhaust with an intergrated silencer, real quiet but I guess also pretty restrictive.

what carb would be good on a 50cc? stock one is a 14mm mikuni I think.

how would such a small engine respond to porting? I ported my old 110cc with the aid of cactus jack with pretty awsome results, this 50cc seems to have a pretty big intake port but a small exhaust port, I can barely fit my thumb in there.


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May 27, 2007
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burpengary, brisbane
compression, cam, porting, exhaust and carby.. makes any engine perform better..

a decent exhaust is going to make it louder tho. use a small header that goes into a bigger pipe just past the first bend..
the carby you would increase its size by about 1 or 2mm.

11:1 or 12:1 will liven it up but you may need heavier clutch springs as no doubt it will slip while trying to start it..

you could probly add a rev box too

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