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Apr 22, 2007
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no fixed aboud
Ok all
i just thought everyone should know who is part of the VIP revolution

Name's are as follows:

and obviously all moderators

If there is anyone that you would like to nominate for such a prestigious he he honour let us know
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i think themountain should be a Certified member...
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Hey coolie, I just noticed that mountain is on the list but has not got the title or access to this area so can u look into that when you get a chance?


but not sure on you yet skylar

you might get lobbed with a somethin special but i'm still thinkin
Something special? Like what?

Yeah pretty hard to explain how someone with 12 totally crap posts is a certified member.

But I do get fan mail don't I I_THUMP? lol:p
Minirider Mum.... that's pretty funny. Last night I was giving cooking advice, tonight romantic advice.... who knows tomorrow night.;)

Whatever you reckon coolie I'll be happy with.:)

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