gears slipping and changing by themselves !!!HELP!!!

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Apr 17, 2009
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ok so i bought a 110cc atomic pitbike the other day andi have been rdin i around great bike lots of power and fast! anyway say i will be goin in 3rd gear and it will all of a sudden change into 1st or 2nd when this happens it slows right down and it is very dangerous what could be the proble:confused:m?????
its an atomik thats the problem
nah jokes wouldnt have a clue buddy never happened to me
Sounds pretty weird to me... I guess its a semi auto? Do the revs go up really high or do they stay around the same?
while it may not have a clutch LEVER, it runs a centrifugal clutch..

you didnt even click the link did you.. otherwise you would know that I know what im on about..

you try and help people and they refuse to accept it.. I dont know why I even bother..
no i didnt mean that i watched the video and im like oh ok then i watched some others and i went out to my bike and looked around and found out there was a cover that had lifan imprinted covering the clutch bolt and i did what the guy did in the video very carefully i dont know if it worked as i still have to test it tommorrow when dad leaves for the day.hes lame.
check out his other videos out. it sounds like your 'selector' may be worn out and rolling back onto the previous gears lugs.. hence the random shifting.
where abouts do you live cause i want that bike. btw you got ripped off it's worth like $50. No offence by the way
man, i want that bike:p its damn well worth 100 if it runs well...err, ill ignore the gear shift problem, but wow:eek: its copped a hiding, and still goes? i like it;) thats my style bling:) rust and abusive ownership make for sick looking rat bikes. as long as you have fun on it, it doesnt have to be shiny.

im still stunned at how well its aged..brilliant
That bike is a fail. That's what you get for buying a 30 year old Atomik.
I tell it like it is.
yesi agree it is a heap and my dad got angry even tho it was my hard earned gold but let me tell u i had an absolute blast riding it from semaphore to prospect with no brakes and no protective gear on the roads and train tracks plus i dont care if its shitty lookin i am a scruffy guy anyway i ride it around the streets and the retarded gears worked for me i was ridin along and these girls were walkin past the gears jumped i was fiddlin with them and i ended up doin a mono past them and they smiled so blaaaahhhhhh
prospect huh? wish i had train tracks to ride on and girls to have mechanical problems in front of out here...

or maybe its the blacktown area that causes mechanical faults? was where i was coming back from when my damn clutch exploded, grr:mad:

what the heap needs to really add to the effect is some red primer;) maybe grey, but red goes faster
so do the gears work or is it an internal problem that only scrap metal? or parting out.. tubes anyone? lol..

as for poppin wheelies and bein laughed at by girlies.. :rolleyes: well.. smart..when done right....! question is.. would you have still done it had you come off earlier, bootin down the train line and scored some nasty arse gravel rash... lol.. thinks not...

got a welder!? steel? build a go kart and use bike wheels ;)
yea probably would of layed there for 15 minutes thinking wtf and trying to ignore the pain then ill get up and start laughin about it as usual and the first nite i got it i learnt that trying to psh start it in hird gear is bad idea it will take off on u and take u for a ride and not u take it for a ride and ive uploaded videos of it and revving it here u go fellas. YouTube - pit bike YouTube - pit bike 2
impressing the girls, slick move ding the wheely. haha

checking out the vid now... well the amout of smoke coming out of your exhaust isn't good, i think i heard a little clink sound at some point(don't quote me not shore)

but man thats an awsome bike, even if it is a bit of a POS i love it, think you should paint it.
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i was just fangin it around the back yard and i crashed into the shed concrete wall and my hands are bleeding now oh well its a very small yard i just wanted to see if i cud spin the back wheel and drift it around on the concrete ive ridden bigger bikes but man this lil thing has some go in it ill get a vid of me ridin around the yard