Loncin 125cc ignition wiring problem

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Jan 23, 2023
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Hi all, I bought a pit bike with a loncin 125cc 4 stroke motor however the ignition was dodgy so I removed the ignition barrel and am trying to hot wire it so I'll only need to use the kill switch. Problem is I can't figure out which wires need to be connected so it can be started. It ran fine with the key when I got it however now I can't match the wires and get it to spark. It has 4 wires going to the key barrel and I'm unsure where to connect them. Anyone have any experience with this sort of wiring? Thanks
Below is a modified version of the 00'-03' XR50/70 wiring schematic, giving you a basic idea of what wires go where. The Chinese engine wire colors should be similar.

XR50-70 wiring diagram-modified.jpg