my dhz outaw 140cc wont idle!! HELP!!?!?

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Dec 22, 2008
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my dhz pittie is fairly new.. and it wont kick over thithout choke, then when i give it choke and turn of the choke off i have to rev it to keep to pike on.. even when the pike is fully warmed up i cant put it in nutreal.. it will slowdy die on me.. i changed the plug from a shitty china one to an NKG nd ive cleaned the filter.. do you think it could be the carb???
Not sure bout ur problem but if that your bike that in ur Display Pic...can you post it up?
adjust your idle screw mate.....oh and is your fuel turned on
nope thats a mates bike.. do you want a photo of my actual bike???
yer i turned the idle up and now it idles full on fast haha..
well back it off a little bit until it starts to idle properly......and check to se if your slide is in the correct way and not back to front.
on the top of your carb you will se that the top of it can be unscrewed, unscrew that and pull it out......the slide is the bit the slides up and down in your carb.....if you take of your air filter and twist on your throttle and look in your carb you will see it moving.......sometimes the manufacture puts them in back to front.......therefore when you start your bike it will rev its tits off........just pull it out and spin it 180 degree and put it back in, it should sit nice and flush on the bottom of your carb with a small opening......the slide will only sit correctly if it is put back in the correct way

but i think its more to do with your idle screw so just play with that while your bike is going and your revs will slowly start to come down, you only have to turn the screw little bit by little bit........once your happy with your idle let it warm up properly and then fine tune ya idle because ya cant set your idle correctly when the engine is cold.
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