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Dec 27, 2013
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Canberra, ACT
I live on 9 acres, close to Canberra and have a pit bike and dirt bike. So, the next best thing to owning one, is riding on your own track at home.

I already have an FMX ramp setup and ride it every now and then, but due to the neighbors, I haven't moved into building a full MX track and prob wont ever. The neighbors are all cool with it now, but it's not worth the hassle and $$$ when I know their thoughts will change when i (and my mates) start riding it every weekend :lol:

I have instead, decided to build an SX style pit bike track. My closest neighbors are building a mansion and have offered me all their dirt, so it's the best possible situation. My neighbors all own farms and ride their quad bikes around chasing cattle, sheep and god knows what, so a pit bike or 2 should fit ok noise wise :)

I will post some pics up of the site soon and maybe if people are interested, they could give me some feedback or tips? I'll then post my construction build pics on here as I go.
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Sounds like i might have to make a new friend :welcome: Sounds cool, pics would be good. What side of town are you on?
Welcome to miniriders hyperdallas :)
Sounds like you Got the right idea building own track!.. So much fun playing around riding dirt bikes. If make little track that flow's well couple little table top jumps! All set for the 50's :)
I go over riding with you timeeh, bring me honda n yamaha 50

keep us updated on track building :)
^^Belconnen , Gungahlin im thinking then?.
So here are some shots of the land I have to work with. The soil in the pics are only a fraction of what I have available.

Thoughts on a layout ?
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id love to have my own property to build a track good luck luck mate
That thread is an epic one! Amazing track..

Thanks man! :). Give you bit of ideas can do with your track.
Got great start by having place to pot it , loads dirt! Let track building begin :)
Thanks Shearer. I just have to borrow a mates bobcat for a weekend and co-ordinate the dirt delivery to be able to get started. I have also spoken with the local council regarding the need to install a dam for my livestock (hehehe aka water source for the track sprinklers lol) but lets see how we go.
Sounds Great! :), I was down canberra on last weeknd too ;)
Good idea to mark a track out and just ride around , to get feal of flow. will find out if wount couners are to close to uphill section maybe stuff like that. Use like rock ,stick to mark insides of turns , then ride track as flat track! Pound in some hot laps , It will come to you!

If start just poting bit dirt there & bit over there! Seams to be never in right spot!
So in the 40 degree heat, I went out a few minutes ago and peg'ed and measured the area. It measures about 1,200 SQM, or 31m long x 49m wide. I'm not sure if thats enough, but will see when I go to draw up the plans. I plotted my pegs against my Iphone GPS using a cool Iphone app (Area Finder) to be sure, then ducked back into the aircon.

Back at the computer, I took out the GPS pegs from the IPhone and overlayed the co-ords (from the kml file the Area Finder gave me) with Google Maps to get an idea of the size relative to the rest of our block.

Now I have the base measurements, I can draw up a plan to fit.

I'm not sure that amount of land allocated is enough, but once I know what I want in the track and start to plan it, I will soon discover yes or no if i need more lol
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So after like a million scrap paper pages, i finally drew up a plan I'm happy with.

I wanted an SX/MX combo with rollers, tables and a hip jump as well as just normal jumps - and a cool feature is splitting the track into 2 where riders have to choose a line :)

thoughts all? Happy for any to all feedback...
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Thinking Big :)
So Plaing sx track for 50's or more midd size bike's ?.
Like the idea of last lay out! Got ya mates bobcat and heaps of piles of lose dirt be good to go! Got good size area to build it by the looks of it :)

Place berms N bowl turns in first get track so can ride it! Then jumps in later when can get more dirt in. By then have real good idea where you wount jumps.
Far out that looks awesome!!

Don't change a thing I say. Perfect combination of different jumps and corners.
I worked out an SX style track was not really gonna work since you wouldn't get the pit bike outta second gear with all the tight turns. I think this design is one that might just work, since you can actually ride the track and enjoy it alone or against mates at a decent speed with enough space to race em like you stole em.

Skill will play a part in this track since getting a whole shot then following someone around a track (which most of the pitbike track vids on youtube seem to look like) is boring and a waste of time and dirt. Why not make it so anyone who rides it enjoys it and you can actually race on it!!

Thanks for the feedback and comments. hope to be starting when the weather cools a bit more. Don't really want to start with all the hot weather and start a fire!! :beerglass:

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So it's cooling down a little and i'm getting the last of the dirt I need delivered this weekend. So I marked out the track and go-pro'd it so I could see how it rode. Cant really see much with all the grass, but you can see the faint pink lines.

(Youtube video coming)

Going to see my mate on the weekend to borrow the bobcat in 3 weeks. so 22/23 weekend of March lookout for updates..

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