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Sep 6, 2006
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Hey Guys

The Shep round of Mini Sx went off! The track was bloody awesome! How often do you get to legally rip up a perfect bmx track like that!

Thanks heaps to every one who put the event on...

We got a heap of video from this round at sheparton and the frankston round! We will cut it up this week and put it on our youtube channel... log on to the braaap youtube. YouTube - braaaponline's Channel

There is a few blog posts on the event, one of the guys that rode with us blogged on the event at braaapster

Was a sick event !

Brad Smith
Braaap - Welcome

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We were there too - spectators only - how unreal did the track look? The fmx in the valadrome was mad....I dont know what has happened this year - but Southside have definatley stepped it up as far as the event goes. Do they have someone new working with them?

Cant wait to see where and when it will be again. But Shepparton definatley was unreal!
hey mick sinclair can u chuck some resualts up from shepp and then final resaults for series please
shep was off the hook

the track was insane and the raceing the same

i'll do up some footage hopefully tonight

big props to the southside crew it was worth every penny it cost

but man i'm sore