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  1. brap

    Braaapster 88

    hey Im thinking about getting a Braaapster 88 and just wondering what people think of them?? Heres a link: 88cc | braaap
  2. bradsmith

    Shep Mini SX Open Southside promotions

    Hey Guys We uploaded a few video's on our you tube from the Shep Shep Mini Sx... Yeah we ate a fair bit of dirt at the Shep BMX track...LOL check out the crashes video on the braaap youtube. braaaponline is our youtube channel. YouTube - crashes braaap Australian MiniSX this is the crashes...
  3. bradsmith

    Shepparton Mini SX

    Hey Guys The Shep round of Mini Sx went off! The track was bloody awesome! How often do you get to legally rip up a perfect bmx track like that! Thanks heaps to every one who put the event on... We got a heap of video from this round at sheparton and the frankston round! We will cut it...