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Sep 6, 2006
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Hey Guys

We uploaded a few video's on our you tube from the Shep Shep Mini Sx...

Yeah we ate a fair bit of dirt at the Shep BMX track...LOL check out the crashes video on the braaap youtube. braaaponline is our youtube channel.

YouTube - crashes braaap Australian MiniSX

this is the crashes we had...LOl swappers!

Also there is more vids coming later in the week...

These are by no means edited by Pro's, I suck at editing video!

Show us what videos you guys ahve from the MINI SX series this year!

Brad Smith
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That's a cool little clip.

Few guys got owned!! haha. Good times.

Looking forward to seeing a few more clips of the racing action.
Mini Supercross 2009 Shepparton

hey Guys here is a little more footage, about a 7 min video from Shep MiniSx pitbike race...

We have interviews with Mick Sincs from Southside promotionas the track and some race footage!!!

We will keep it coming!!!

Also click here to view the braaap race report with photos and words from the riders...

Braaap - Mini Supercross 2009 Shepparton

What do you think of the track?

How cool si it the Pro riders such as Bilko and Shuie get involved!


we are the mini motocross specialist's!
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where is the mini sx track in shep is it a private track for the company or is it a pay to use deal i want to no because i live in shep myself