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  1. R

    Pitbike gears issue

    Hi I have a lifan pitbike engine which changes gears but after riding and shift normally when I shift down to first and come to a stop and look to find neutral the gears become stuck and do not change. Also hard to find neutral as it’s between first and second but it’s not very distinct as the...
  2. F

    Turning a hongdou pw80 into 125cc

    I am buying a cheap hongdou pw80 tomorow, as a project. Looking to put a pit bike engine in it (M2r 110/125) but not sure wich engine would fit inside the small frame. I've heard that any engine that fits in the crf50 frames will fit. Has anyone else successfully attempted this? I know they r...
  3. Jope22

    Best 420 chain for 155cc?

    Hello, again! Sorry for a lot of threads but again new question! What chains do you guys use and what would be good? My Chinese chain is stretching out like crazy with my 155cc engine. I have taken look at DID420NZ3 and RK 420MXZ.
  4. Jope22

    YX160 or Z155HO?

    Hello,i am new here! I have asked this question in many forums like thumpertalk.I am thinking about getting YX160 or Z155HO.I dont know which one to choose.The engine goes in road/offroad bike with 17/41 gearing.The engine would be maintained properly with top ends and oils and valve...
  5. A

    Best Pit Bike forks for value

    Hi wanting to buy some decent forks for my Atomik Reign Bigfoot 160cc What’s would people recommend that I could get in Melbourne for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance.
  6. D

    2018 SSR125 SR wiring HELP!!!!

    So i have unsuccessfully wired my pitbike for a tail light. Im using a 12v pitbike R/R from ebay and am getting weak and unstable voltages. It is not rectifiying nor regulating. Here is a link to exactly how my system is wired. i got this link from vince at tboltusa. my bike has 2 yellow output...
  7. 0

    what plastics will fit on a 2017 SSR SR150?

    I am wondering what style plastics would fit onto an SSR SR 150 if there is anything besides the OEM ones which are $189. I would rather not spend that since I only paid $300 for this bike which runs great but needs plastics and I just couldn't justify it. Anyone know any ebay kits that will...
  8. T

    Pitbike newbie help

    Hey guys, new to the form trying to get into hobby. Recently purchased a fully disassembled and rust hunk of junk 125cc Chinese pitbike and over the last few months put it together no issues, with pretty decent success. having had that turn out i fingered i would get another project but...
  9. J

    Motovert Rx headstem bearings (Help needed Please)

    Hey, Currently working on a Motovert rx125. I need to replace the tapered roller bearings in the head stem and cannot find where to buy any that will fit. The OD is 41mm and ID is 22mm for the top and 24mm for the bottom. The only bearings i could find with a 41mm OD were for a crf50 but...
  10. T

    Anyone know what brands these are?

    Hey guys Nae here new to the group wondering if anyone could please help identify these chinese bikes? Blue one is a 125cc Green one is 80cc
  11. F

    2018 KLX 110L Riding Videos!

    Hi guys, I uploaded a lot of riding videos to YouTube and I figured I would share them here. Thanks for checking it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK_xsBFp-nQ
  12. A

    Short Edit: BucciMoto - 190CC Daytona Anima Engine.

    Watch in 1080p *HD* Riding with my BucciMoto dirtbike, 190cc Daytona engine +CRASH - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hNzc2T0p5Y&t Please subscribe to my youtube channel, means alot for me. Thanks for watching, i hope you will enjoy it :)
  13. A

    Help with Apollo RFZ 125!!!

    Hello! I have an Apollo rfz 125 that I recently purchased brand new. I went through and changed all fluids, spark plug, cleaned carb, and tightened every single freaking bolt. I am having issues with torque, I did a top speed test and I hit like 56-58mph each time. I want to pull wheelies in...
  14. 1

    Need help with my Pitbike wheel! :D

    Hello everyone, Was just wondering I just brought a pitbike with a completely destroyed tire and I am wanting to replace it, the rear one.. The tire I am wanting to get is just a simple one with the following specs: 12 1/2 x 2.75 And I my old tire says 80/100 - 12 Will the new...
  15. A


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxKtkBGjp-w&t=5s P.S Sorry for that i posted in wrong place first time! :(
  16. A

    MiniMX - ESTONIA [Linnamae, Jogeva]

    Mini MX - Estonia [BucciMoto CUP] - YouTube
  17. P

    Will crf50 plastics fit on my bike??? *Need help*

    I bought a china bike and the plastics are ruined, i knoe that its a crf50 clone with a 125 lifan in it, it has really strange plastics on it that seem to be rare, ive searched ebay Amazon literally every site and cant find them: / does anyone have the same bike or know if crf50 style plastics...
  18. Djbaybeh

    Crossfire Cf 140 2013

    Hi im new at all this thread stuff, im finding it hard to find information on what aftermarket parts and bling i can use for my crossfire CF140 2013 model. I just bought it a few days ago and was told i can use klx 110 chinese import plastics/graphics. Just after info if anyone has any :) thanks
  19. Q

    Honda XR100 VS Apollo 110 Chinese Pitbike!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/eLPRDdlOo1Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This is my first post... I wanted to make a funny video comparing these 2 bikes. Let me know what other videos I should make!
  20. D

    How To Break In an Engine?

    Hi guys, just got shipped a brand new Lifan 125 engine for my pitty, first question- Should I drain the oil straight away and put proper brand stuff, what happens if I dont? 2nd Question- Is The engine already factory tuned eg- Timing valves etc 3rd Question- Whats the best way to break in the...