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  1. ZX12R_919

    Can Anyone tell me wat the RS125 Atomik is like

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me what the RS 125 Atomik's are like? I know they are chinese made so i cant expect much, but are they better then the PROX and the MOTOX? Also can anyone plz tell me apart from loctiting all the nuts and bolts what else can i do to the RS 125 to make it more reliable...
  2. STICK

    Emu Creek

    Yea Thinking about going to EMU CREEK for a look,Anyone been?
  3. S

    Atomik 125 motox decibel level?

    Hi all, Does anyone know how loud (decibels plz) the stock exhaust/engine on an atomik/orion 125 is ? I need to ensure it is less than or equal to 94dba to get a recreational reg, but have no clue whether it is close to this or not. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Ps. I rang Atomik...
  4. millhouse motorcycles


    wots the difference from normal thumpstar handlebars to pro-tapers, are they worth buying?? they dont look any different
  5. MSO Elite

    Need your help Atomik owners

    Guys im wanting to purchase a 37 tooth sprocket for my atomik pro 125cc.Elstar apparently said theres would fit can someone confirm this? If not do you know where to get one from? Damo
  6. mjc85

    Boots/Jerseys/Pants and Gloves.

    Hey im looking for an online store that i can buy some riding gear from, i am after motocross gear for riding my pitbike.