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Mar 17, 2006
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Noosa, QLD
Hey im looking for an online store that i can buy some riding gear from, i am after motocross gear for riding my pitbike.
Go to a Motor Bike store.. they have the lot.[/quote]
Dirt Bikez & Pocket B said:
YEP go 4 those boots they are really good, dont get white bcoz they get 2 dirty have fun :lol:

white is heaps better, i seen the black ones the other day....

The dirty look is the best!
dont get full size mx boots, it will be the worst thing to buy,
i've got a pair of black axo slammers and they are the best becuase they are made for pitbikes & are only $200.
Go to a moto store to buy clothing, as most ebay shops wont let u change sizes if u get the wrong size.
white boots look better when you buy them but even if you clean them well after each use they still look dirty, they get scratched and often the white changes into a yellow kind of colour, the dirty look is NOT the best, it looks shit and it is bad to sell when your done with them.
ive had white boots before, big mistake, go for black boots!!!!

8) 8) 8)
Yeh i would definately buy black, white is just stupid. It's hard enough keeping white shoes clean let alone motorbike boots.

So these Axo slammers, where can you buy them for $200 online ?

Also why shouldn't i buy full motocross boots ? Because i am probably getting a full size soon, will the axo slammers be ok for riding on this as well ?
normal mx boots on a pitbike = wrong, they are way to tall and always get stuck under the plastics and it's hard to bend ur leg to change gears etc.
these new slammers are the shiznit, ankle boots all good can change gears easy but full foot protection is there.
sorry $220

Greetings all. I am trying to get into racing mini bikes and was told that you have to have boots. I have tried wearing standard size moto boots and that just doesn't work. Could any one tell me where you can get shorter boots from in Queensland.

Cheers guys
Here is WA they say moto boots or steel cap work boots..

If you want miniboots check out for the slammers
Yeah I also Reccomend The AXO Slammers, There made for Mini's. Should be able to find them Online. You may be better off buying from the US and Still save rather than Buying From Australia. Be sure to have a look for the best price around.
IMO trials boots are the go. Good protection but still retain some flexibility and feel. I reckon it is worth getting used to wearing full size boots. Saves those calves, shins and ankles.
mate where do u ride on qld?? i want to strat racing and i want to know if u are allowed to put a 138 in and race the 125 class??

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