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  1. S

    Is there a thread for gear? The armour people use and that kinda stuff?

    I'm just thinking I probably need to get some good wrist guards. As the left one has been broken 3 times and the right one twice. Has anyone got some suggestions as to what has saved them? The whole personal protection things has advanced somewhat from when I was last riding and didnt care about...
  2. Bilco512


    ITEM AND CONDITION: Size 10 Tech 7 Alpinestars, Bit dirty, but only ever worn once. pretty much new. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $200 REASON FOR SELLING: Need extra money for Crf50 mods EXTRA INFO: LOCATION AND CONTACT DETAILS: McLaren Vale, but can post at...
  3. T

    Alpinestar tech 8-10 vs Gaerne SG 10-12

    Alpinestars tech 8-10 vs Gaerne SG 10-12 im looking to buy a NEW pair of boots because my previous fox comp 5's i found that it was to hard to change gear because they are so thick so i took them back. i want a good fitting easy to chane gear boots i will probebly be buying from USA and...
  4. MitchAustralia

    Boots or Jersey and Pants??

    Hey, My birthday is coming up soon and my grandparents want ideas for a present. They are very generous and usually spend around $100 on me and I am very grateful for this :) Im tossing up between getting a jersey and pants or boots. I've added up that a Fox Jersey and Pants cost around $85...
  5. Ruby

    Got my new gloves!!!

    These cost almost as much as a new Lifan 140cc engine LOL, but they're so worth it. Most of the MotoGP boys use them. I hope I never need to 'crash test' them. Now I need not worry about being able to wipe my ass, if I ever crash at the track on my hands. ;) They're a bit stiff being...
  6. mjc85

    Boots/Jerseys/Pants and Gloves.

    Hey im looking for an online store that i can buy some riding gear from, i am after motocross gear for riding my pitbike.