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  1. S

    Riding with choke on?

    Hey all, so I recently got an M2R 125cc pit bike and so far it's been good. I have only now realized that i have been riding with the choke on ever since i got it. I've done this for about 1 and a half fueltanks (around 6-8 hours of runtime I got the bike brand new) and I was wondering if that's...
  2. L

    gpx 125 problems

    I've got a Chinese pitbike with a gpx125 engine and when I start it it won't idle or rev for about half a minute and when riding it is coughing and spluttering what could the problem be?
  3. samboy

    ktm 65 with 125 engine

    I am looking at a KTM 65 2000/2001 rebuilt with a 125 engine. New engine only has 2 hours of riding. This is for my 11 year old son who has done a small amount of riding on friends bikes. My question is do you think this bike would be too powerful for him? It is high enough but I've heard...
  4. samboy

    Which 125 bike is best under $1500?

    I am looking at buying my 11 year old son his first bike. Cant afford a japanese bike- even second hand are above price range. Can anyone recommend (or not recommend) reputable brands? Not interested in serious motocross- just riding on our property. Have checked out DHZ, Atomik, Assassin...
  5. E

    Youtube Channels!

    hey everyone! if you have a youtube channel with videos of all moto related stuff post it on this forum! would love to see everyones different riding and places! i post Moto and Bmx clips,Videos! Enjoy! :applaudit: Emilio Dimachki https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4ZFlqQsUT-xhW-aYCGIyw
  6. rach88

    Trails/hire help?!

    Hey guys, I am in need of some help. I am now a busy youth worker and I'm constantly having requests from people to go motorbike riding. I've had a quick Google search but can't find what I'm after. Wondering if there is such a place where we could hire out 10-20 bikes and ride on a trail or...
  7. Cordogs

    Queensland Miniriders Ride day Dec 6 2014

    :banana::banana::banana:This is happening! :banana::banana::banana: Right its definitely long overdue and a bit short notice but Miniriders QMR group is hosting another ride day @ Parklands Mx in Kennilworth on the 6th of December. This is a day to get the whole family out of the house and...
  8. M

    bent valves ? need help

    ok so the other day i was riding my atomic 160 i was riding along and i herd this clicking sound and as i hit a jump the bike stalled mid air and when i landed it was locked up ! on further inspection i saw that the adjuster nut for the intake on the tappets had become completely undone and the...
  9. rach88

    Where can I ride?

    When I was riding regularly in Melbourne I was going to Frankston mx track, broadmeadows and bacchus marsh... can anyone give me a rough idea if these places have changed in the like 2 and half years or if I can still rock up, pay my money and ride? Or if there is anywhere new to go... I also...
  10. Electrum

    Adelaide Riding anyone?

    Hey everyone just wondering if you guys were interested in having a day of riding anywhere in Adelaide? Port Gawler is excellent for both pit bikes and full sized bikes and has like.. 4 tracks I think? $20 a day for a kid and $40 for an adult? Don't like riding with myself so if anyone wants to...
  11. C

    Can you keep riding if your don't have an income?

    What would you do if you had an accident while riding your mini bike that stopped you from working for a couple of months? Put a claim in for workers comp. This would be rejected because the accident didn't happen at work. Live off my savings...my what? Panic? Get my partner to work...
  12. Electrum

    A video of me riding !

    Hey guys, my mate let me use his gopro to film for the day while I was out riding at my Dad's friend's FMX compound, no I wasn't doing the freestyle jumps so don't get too excited. There was a track that goes through the bushes and had lots of Burms and fun ruts! My friend also edited this video...
  13. my67xr

    Atomik Pitbike parts prices

    Atomik Comp L 172 spare parts hi, i'm just wondering if you have a parts list with the pricing for the Atomik Comp L 172cc bike please i have looked on your site but can't find one there. also could you please tell me the length, eye to eye, of the rear shock thanks, craig
  14. S

    Is there a thread for gear? The armour people use and that kinda stuff?

    I'm just thinking I probably need to get some good wrist guards. As the left one has been broken 3 times and the right one twice. Has anyone got some suggestions as to what has saved them? The whole personal protection things has advanced somewhat from when I was last riding and didnt care about...
  15. S

    2014 TDR PRO 125 noob build

    Well the bike came today. All seems pretty well in order.... Been through basically everything, will bleed the brakes tomorrow...the rear doesn't even really work :/ so it will need to be done. This is my major concern. There was a random spring washer in the bottom of the box...I thought oh...
  16. XXX-747

    spare time

    ok guys its no suprise thats its summer and very hot atm so its abit hard to do alot of riding tell us what your doin in your spare time?
  17. my67xr

    Using the Miniriders website, for members old and new, a few helpful tips/hints/ideas

    Some general Miniriders User hints/tips etc, for members old and new. If you are new to Forums etc, i am posting up a few helpful hints/tips that you might need to know. when you start or reply to a thread here, you will see on the top left of the page. your Username, and Avatar picture to...
  18. R

    Rustys pit bike problem

    I am making this thread to avoid spamming with updates, videos pictures. Me and a bunch of friends have moved our focus from full size bikes to Pit bikes due to injury, time and money. Riding like this was going to kill us. RM250 two stroke chasing down big four strokes - YouTube and...
  19. TomaszBurcon


    Hey everyone i think it is about time for another QLD ride day me and Brett were thinking parklands one day, And then maybe his place the next day? I dunno open to suggestions! And i was thinking on the 28th-29th of april? (i dunno i just wont have any assignments and will have my 88 fixed...
  20. Carlts

    Any Sunshine coast mx places open?

    Hey guys, Looking to go riding in the Sunny coast on Saturday, but with the rain it looks doubtful if Kenilworth will be open. Anyone know of any Sunshine Coast MX places other than Kenilworth that may be open? Wouldn't mind trying a new place either, Cheers guys