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Jan 2, 2007
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Guys im wanting to purchase a 37 tooth sprocket for my atomik pro 125cc.Elstar apparently said theres would fit can someone confirm this? If not do you know where to get one from?

go down to your local moto bike shop take the sproket with you and they should be able to match it to somthing
i don't own an Atomik i have a Foxico 125cc (the exact same as the orion but different stickers) but i do know tht atomik have a store in Springvale, i saw the adress once when i was thinking about getting a bik from ebay but got the link of a store from one of the sellers on ebay. they are open everyday except Sunday

Atomik Motorsports
26-28 Bando Road
3171 Victoria
(03) 9574 6336

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