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  1. M

    What plastics will fit

    Hi all Just wondering what plastics will fit a 2007 moto vert 125 as the plastics i have now are perishing so im looking at getting more plastics but unsure of what will fit first time owning one have always owned the bigger bikes If you could help be much appreciated picture of the pocket...
  2. Generalkrash

    140cc 125cc Franken build. Advice wanted.

    Hello there. We are working on my buddies bike motor and are attempting to build something different He has a gio 140cc barrel and piston we were going to widen the case a bit so the sleeve will drop down. In to the bottom end. The bottom end is a lifan 125cc with the 14mm wrist pin. Piston fits...
  3. D

    2018 SSR125 SR wiring HELP!!!!

    So i have unsuccessfully wired my pitbike for a tail light. Im using a 12v pitbike R/R from ebay and am getting weak and unstable voltages. It is not rectifiying nor regulating. Here is a link to exactly how my system is wired. i got this link from vince at tboltusa. my bike has 2 yellow output...
  4. M

    Lifan 125cc no spark

    never mind, fixed it.
  5. A

    Help with Apollo RFZ 125!!!

    Hello! I have an Apollo rfz 125 that I recently purchased brand new. I went through and changed all fluids, spark plug, cleaned carb, and tightened every single freaking bolt. I am having issues with torque, I did a top speed test and I hit like 56-58mph each time. I want to pull wheelies in...
  6. D

    2008 Pitpro Lifan 125 Neutral start Compression problem

    Hi all, so a few weeks ago I was riding my pit bike when suddenly when I was riding in every gear it was just screaming in every gear and not going anywhere, So I check the oil and it was bone dry, stupid of me to check! their was a little bit of smoke coming out so I turned it off straight away...
  7. G

    Mojo provert

    Hi guys, This was just about the only website I could find anything on the MOJO provert 125. Recently bought one of these second hand and was wondering what they are worth nowadays? It's in perfect running order but I can't find enough information online about them. Any info would be great! :)
  8. P

    Watch me burn myself on YouTube! @PitbikeWreck

    Hey guys, I would like you guys to watch my YouTube video of me riding to a dirt field!!! Also I end up having my chain falling off and when I go to fix it I burn my arm! Give it a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-USNv3V_Mw&feature=youtu.be
  9. BennyG

    Oil Cooler for Lifan 125cc

    Hi miniriders, I'm sure there are threads on this already though I'm very average at navigating this site. I have a Thumpstar 125 TS-E that I want to put an oil cooler on. I ride the thing every weekend for four hours at a time so an oil cooler is something I think my bike could benefit...
  10. samboy

    ktm 65 with 125 engine

    I am looking at a KTM 65 2000/2001 rebuilt with a 125 engine. New engine only has 2 hours of riding. This is for my 11 year old son who has done a small amount of riding on friends bikes. My question is do you think this bike would be too powerful for him? It is high enough but I've heard...
  11. M

    Chinese pit bike identification help.

    It's a 125 and it was given to me. Don't know if it's a pitster pro. He said that's what it was. I want to swap it and build it with a gpx 125. Do all parts fit from a crf50? I need new fork seals and little things here and there. I can't find nothing saying what it is.
  12. N

    Atomik Nitrous

    Thinking of getting a 125 atomik nitrous, how do they go over the trails? Or how are they over all
  13. china911

    lifan 125 r tappet noise

    l wacked a new 125 in the atomic today . Valves set at .03 inlet ex .04 . the engine fired up no worries only the tappet clicking seems to be excessive. lm going off 2 other lifan 110s l have that l run at the same clearances and they seem to be whisper quite. l may run the bike for a...
  14. china911

    wanted exhaust /muffler 32mm suit atomic/ lifan 125

    lm chasing a header and muffler to suit a lifan 125 . good condition . thanks [HTML]
  15. BennyG

    Thumpstar 125 Performance Upgrades?

    Hi all, I own a 2014 Thumpstar TS-E 125cc pitbike. The only mods I've done thus far are racing CDI upgrade, new fuel lines and fuel filter, new unifilter angled air filter, pro taper tucker bars (in the mail soon), pro taper grips, new fuel pet**** (because I broke the old one), new exhaust...
  16. jev

    atomik 125 compression

    Hi, Picked up a atomik 125 couple of weeks ago and it has a ducar engine in it. in neutral has heaps of compression but when clutch is in it doesnt seem to have very much compression. any ideas? Has a weak spark so thinking coil is stuffed, i'll swap it over with a spare i have...
  17. Rizzo97

    Surging ? Revs go up and down

    Revs sort just drop off then pick back up and drop off again when I give it more than 3/4 throttle, doseit in gear and nutrle, engines a lifan 125 with a mikuni copie on it.. Plug is black ( again ) replacing fule filter and switch got it running good again but now after running fine, it's...
  18. P

    Atomik pro x 125 fork oil

    Hi everyone new hear just a quick question the front forks on my 08 pro x 125 are very soft they use half there travel when i just sit on it i weigh about 55kg. Iv got fork oil for it question is where do i fill it up from the adjusters on the top don't seem to undo do is there another spot i...
  19. R

    Wiring issues with a 125cc Ducar

    hi guys my son has an appolo 125 we just replaced the motor with a 125 ducar elec start witch we are not going to hook up, and ran into wireing issues the ducar has has the following colour wiring from stator* {blue/white stripe -- black/red strip--green--yellow--white}...
  20. H

    140-150 or bigger big bore kit for 125 lifan motor

    hellllo so i have a stock 125cc lifan engine on my pitbike. i want a little more power out of it because im making it a little stunt bike to play around with. i heard that theres this thing call big bore kit, which increases the cc making the engine have a bit more power. Could this damage my...