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Sep 14, 2013
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Hi all. After finding out my swing arm bolt was rusty and stuck into my frame. I tried to get it out and snapped it.

So i'm looking for a replacement. I Want to get a high tensile or heavy duty one because it's only 10mm x 210 but I can't find one any where. There isn't any in town so I will have to buy it online.

So does any one know where to get one from ? Thanks
Is it high tensile though ?? I don't want a stock one because they snap. It's the biggest weak link in my bike now.
do you have any Nut/Bolt/Fastener shops in your area ?
Yeah there is but they don't sell any thing like it. I thought of one place that sells parts for tractors. Hopefully they have one.

Is there any were online you can get a strong one from ?
maybe try someone like Honda, ask a price on a geunine CRF50/CRF70 swingarm bolt ?
and see if they can find out the length/size too before you buy a new one off them?

or is there any Motorcycle Wreckers near you?
take your bolts dimensions with you, they'd have something laying around im sure ?

if you are still having problems pm me,
i will get a price off Universal Fasteners next time i'm up that way.
i could buy it and post it to you, do a Paypal transaction ?
Thanks man. I'm just in a really bad area. There is nothing here. No wreckers, a few bolt shops but nothing like that because it's all for trades and tractors ect.

I will call around again and see what I can find. I hate the motorbike shop here.. There is one in town and he is the only one with in 50kms of a lot of people , in a farming town so bikes are all over. He is just an a hole because he knows that people need to go to him because there is no one else. I really don't like that dude. He wouldn't even touch and I quote " china **** " because they are too hard to work on. I said that he shouldn't work on bikes then because they are so easy.

I will have a look around and if I get stuck I will pm you, I have paypal :)

i have so many bike shops in lismore...well 4. yamaha, suzuki, kawasaki, and the chinga dealership, which is now outta business (i was literally the only customer lol) and i went to get a chain roller return spring at the yamaha dealership, i mean its a pretty generic part, doesnt have to be "exact"..so the manager dude is at the desk and asks what is off, and i said an atomik moto-x and he said "i dont know what that is mate, but if its chinese, you'd better leave, we dont serve people with chinese bikes" i was like WTF?!?! talk about...Bikist? if this keeps going, i could apply for a "minority scholarship" lol. fing conservative knobs...
It is so crap. I don't get why they hate them so much. For the money they are great. I have had a yz450f that cost more then my first car and yeah it was super fast and scary but it was impractical. All you could do is go flat out on it and it was way to big for the area I have to ride. I only brought it to make money on but it was just to big and expensive.

And I have the peewee, Yeah it's like 30 years old and it still goes but parts are at least triple the price and they are tiny parts. I got a new aluminium fuel cap for the pit bike once for $15. A peewee one is around $50 for a tiny plastic thing thats not even genuine.

I get that pit bikes have a bad rep but you can build them up and they fit my needs well. Business is business and I would welcome any money but it looks like they don't need it. So much hate for nothing.
Hi all. I called up a steel place and talked to a very nice guy that is keen to help me find a bolt. He was interested in my motorbike and very helpful. Hopefully he tracks down a bolt for me. More people should be like that guy when I call up for parts :)
If you keep it greased it won't rust and snap mate
True that Karl, and the reason they bend also is due to movement from damaged bushes or swingarm bearing, A stock bolt will be fine ricky. All I have ever run was 10mm and 12mm stock swinga bolts and have never snapped or bent one yet.
Hi guys... I got a call back from the steel place today and he can get a high tensile one :D He could get the stock one or the high tensile so I got the high tensile. He couldn't give me a price but he said under $10.. score

One from ebay will take 5 days to get here and they are around $17 so I think this is a better option. My last one bent and I got it straighted and it bent again. I think it depends on the quality of it and poor maintenance just makes it worse really fast.

It will be good to have a strong one in there. The rims are good, the frame has loads of metal added, usd forks and a strong swing arm. It's going to be a strong little bike. Thanks every one for your help.

Also when I put the bolt in , what grease should I use and how often do I do it ? I use some left over boating grease :)
yeah the boating grease should be ok, as long as it's waterproof .

good score on the bolt,
get a new nut and some stainless washers too, if you remember
yeah the boating grease should be ok, as long as it's waterproof .

good score on the bolt,
get a new nut and some stainless washers too, if you remember

Yeah I will get some new ones. The bolt should be here tomorrow so I need to rip my bike apart , paint the frame and swing arm, reassemble it all and wait for the bolt. Such a big job but it will be worth it :)

Also does any one know the size of the bearings in the swing arm. I have one good ones but it's stuck in there :/ I might wreck it trying to get it out though so does any one know what size it is ? Could I just measure the hole it goes into.. I don't know how to order these things :p
Thanks mate.. I will go get some tomorrow. I'm also missing a spacer but I will find it. I picked up the bolt today and it fits nice and it's all black and mad :)

Keen to get this bike back together
glad to hear dude. those spacers are just 7/8 inch steel with a 10mm hole drilled in it. anywhere with a lathe would be able to make you one in 5 mins, and then you can cut it to size on a cold cut saw or dropsaw etc :)