Upgrading My CRF230F

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May 24, 2006
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Hey guys i was just wondering what i can do to my CRF230 to make it go better and not spend a fortune doing it ????
i would sell the honda 4 stroke and get the fastest 250cc 4 stroke available now the kaxasaki 250 f
Yeh me to but im not made out of money ppl and besides my bike is RELIABLE
i would buy a 250cc 4 stroke but where is the money ????????
i pwn all bikes on my 131cc pitbike soooooooooooooooo

eat my tasty dirt.
get fuked... crf450 are no match for a ktm 380sx even a 300 willl moke u
CRF230 are just a modified XR200 motor, same engine mounts and everything. They are pretty shit compared to a CRF250F

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