What 50cc bike?

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Dec 9, 2008
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Well there is no naked ladies.. Just thought it might get a few more people in here.

Okay, I'm thinking about buying another pitty. I want a 50. I don't wanna spend too much so the Jap bikes are probably not the way to go. The main thing I'm looking for is if the parts from crf 50s would fit on whatever I get. I understand that most/all of the china 50s have elec start. So my question is, what is the best (build quality, power, price) Chinese 50 which is most like a CRF?

Cheers guys,
I picked up a 2001 xr50 for $300, jap bikes do come cheap some times keep your eyes open and something will come up.
heh its the internet shouldnt be too hard to find wat ur looking for? ;)
lol ino it just had to be said hahah and if you can get a hold on a crf dont even hesitate i brought mine brand new in 07 and flog the crap out of it tho it still gets looked after and it hasnt let me down once always gone when i wanted it to, btw it has a 88 kit abd stuff as well