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  1. D

    2018 SSR125 SR wiring HELP!!!!

    So i have unsuccessfully wired my pitbike for a tail light. Im using a 12v pitbike R/R from ebay and am getting weak and unstable voltages. It is not rectifiying nor regulating. Here is a link to exactly how my system is wired. i got this link from vince at tboltusa. my bike has 2 yellow output...
  2. T

    Anyone know what brands these are?

    Hey guys Nae here new to the group wondering if anyone could please help identify these chinese bikes? Blue one is a 125cc Green one is 80cc
  3. A

    Help with Apollo RFZ 125!!!

    Hello! I have an Apollo rfz 125 that I recently purchased brand new. I went through and changed all fluids, spark plug, cleaned carb, and tightened every single freaking bolt. I am having issues with torque, I did a top speed test and I hit like 56-58mph each time. I want to pull wheelies in...
  4. gion_s

    Skyteam cobra is really slow

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum :) I've recently bought a Skyteam Cobra 50cc (Chinese Honda Ape copy) with about 5000km on it. The problem is that it basically runs like crap. You might think that it's because it's a cheap chinese reproduction but I've owned two...
  5. Q

    Honda XR100 VS Apollo 110 Chinese Pitbike!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This is my first post... I wanted to make a funny video comparing these 2 bikes. Let me know what other videos I should make!
  6. T

    Coolster 125cc DB214S.. Dead

    Hello. I just joined, so if I do something wrong please let me know. A few months ago I purchased this bike: A few weeks ago the front gear sprocket threw off the chain, and "blew-up" a lot of things...
  7. R


    Hi guys I am new to dirt bikes Recently bought a used atomik 250cc to get the hang of things I have ridden dirt bikes before but just in a paddock etc Thinking of taking the atomik to a mx track as i would like to get into the mx world However I need some help with my brakes , rears seem...
  8. M

    Any ideas of make and model of this bike?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I've recently been given this mini pit bike/dirt bike and have been trying to find out the make and model. Been told it's a DR50 and its Chinese, just want to comfirm it, and to know which parts to but etc. any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. G

    50cc to 110cc conversion, help needed!

    Hi, i have a 50cc pit bike and i want to get more power, can i put a 110cc cylinder on without changing the crankshaft or the clutch? i have another engine but i want gears and a manual clutch.
  10. turkey

    Review done on the XZ250rr Chinese bike

    Crossfire Motorcycles - Crossfire XZ250RR review in ADB Magazine XZ 250RR | eBay What do you guys reckon
  11. B

    CRF50 Clone NEED Help

    My CRF50 fully automatic 49cc 4 stroke clone motor is not running right, it has barely any power. Starting from a standstill takes longer than it should and it can barely climb the slightest inclines. Just put new gaskets on the top end. Compression test read 145psi. I have tried messing with...
  12. A

    Parts compatibility

    I recently Just picked up a Lifan G10r (LF100GY) for $50 from a neighbor. Needs a little bit of jetting and tuning to get right and a kickstart shaft. No big deal. Im new to chinese bikes and im really aching to turn this in to sort of a pit bike or backyard warrior kind of thing. Id like to...
  13. B

    CRF50 clone, help needed to get it running !

    Hi all, Im new to the forum, and I need help with my crf50 clone engine. It is a 50cc 4 stroke fully auto. It doesn't have gears or a kickstart, so I am relying on electric start to turn it over. I kinda bypassed some of the electrical, but it gets spark and turns over. I checked for...
  14. TYE

    No name china bike

    This is a review of my no name Chinese 125 dirt bike I got off ebay for $440 brand new shipped. Bad first impression. Comes fully assembled so it is not in a shipping metal frame and the brake lever is completely snapped off, making us assume bad quality transit. So me and my dad guessed it was...
  15. C

    New rear wheel needed for ORION 250cc

    Hey, Recently bought a used orion 250cc pitbike/dirtbike and it needs a new rear wheel ifr anyone has one would be great to heaar from you. PM me Cheers, Connor
  16. MadeInChina

    What bike could this be?

    New to this site. Just picked up a chinese 110cc (108 to be exact) I am not sure what make it is. The trans is manual 4 down. I am also wondering what kind of oil it takes? Does anyone know. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  17. M

    New rider: need help choosing a bike!

    I am a begginer rider looking into purchasing a 125cc bike. I have looked into atomik and pitpro dont want to spend more the about 800. please suggest any good bikes for begginers in my price range. appreciate all help cheers.
  18. S

    Which Bike for me?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and dirt bike riding, and was wondering which atomik I should get. I have rode my cousins 2002 Suzuki DRZ-125L and really enjoyed it. So I have looked up different bikes and found that for my first bike a cheap chinese bike will probably be the best...
  19. M

    Reverse super-postie!?!

    Hi! I recently was fortunate enough to come into a free 110 postie engine from my legend of a cousin as a byproduct of his 125 super-postie engine swap. Thanks again mate! It's just the crankcase and head all intact and working, minus 'everything else'. It's complete bar the carb and sprocket...
  20. Carlts

    Carltons Custom 155z crf70 build

    UPDATE April 2013: If you want to skip all the pages and see the finished product, just click the image link below: Otherwise carry on.... Step 1:Clean Garage The parts I've got so far: 14" front 12" rear wheel set, with rim lock Billet Blue Hub, Black Alloy RIm, 32 SS HD...