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Nov 9, 2015
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I currently have road tires on my 125, because It was summer and I don't have a lot of dirt places around here. I mainly do all my riding in the streets, and easy trails. Here in a month or so it's going to start snowing and I need some rims and tires. But the main issue is where could I find a deacent pair. My current rim size is 14-2.5 and 12-3.0. Around a 16-3.0 and 14-3.5 would be great. I could run nobies on my current rims, but the thing is they were costume build and I really don't wanna mess them up lol. Any ideas where I could start looking?

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Jul 29, 2010
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South Australia
Welcome to Miniriders.

Make sure you get the formality's out of the way and drop in and say hello here

Honda of Richmond are a Pitsterpro dealer in Kentucky.
The Pitsterpro X5 had 17/14 wheel's, whether they'll fit in your fork's and swingarm and not foul on the head etc is another question

Snow stud's shouldn't be too hard to find over there, i've never even seen the white stuff in real life, lol

Cheer's, Craig