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  1. my67xr

    my 2011 Atomik Fuse 125/150

    finally starting a thread on my new/used Atomik Fuse it came with a dead 125 lifan, (broken gearbox and casings) i originally bought it for parts, brakes etc, but knew it wouldnt take much to get it up and running. i pulled the 150 (1P56FMJ) out of the Orion, (my customising my Orion...
  2. F

    Zongshen 155z ho big problem

    Hi all,I have been on here ages ago asking probs with my engine,well 1 year later I'm still having it. To start with the motor didn't run right as it came with a Mollt carb,got a oko 26mm flat side and it still didn't run right,when I say didn't run right........basically spits fuel out of the...
  3. DHZ_XR8cing

    Info on 155z auto decomp cam

    Good Evening all. I have a quick question. The 155z has a auto de-comp cam. Is this correct? If so is it a possibility that this play's up and stays on when the bike is running?
  4. littlerider9

    zongshen 160

    has anyone got a spec list for the zongshen 160 that comes in the revolution mxs?